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We understand that budget restrictions are front-and-centre when finding a forklift for your business; at Fork Trucks Ltd we offer flexible finance options that ensure you have the right equipment.


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Decide which of our flexible finance options works best for you and fits your budget. You can look at either an outright purchase, hire purchase, lease purchase or contract hire


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Forklift finance options that are cost effective 

Ensuring that you are always investing in your equipment is central to a growing business, however funding this growth can be tough. If you’re looking to avoid tying up your capital then Fork Trucks Ltd’s selection of flexible financial options can be carefully structured to meet with your unique business needs.

We can tailor a finance option for you based on either hire purchase, lease purchase or contract hire if you’re not considering outright purchase.

Updating the forklift and handling equipment in your business doesn't have to include an outright purchase
Claiming on your profit and loss account to ensure tax relief can be ensured using your whole financial agreement
Rather than paying it as one lump sum, VAT can be spread over monthly payments

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Outright Purchase

Pay for your forklift in one simple transaction

Simplicity is the best right? By paying the full amount at the point of purchase, and the vehicle is yours from that point forward. With no further payments you can arrange an immediate delivery date. Simple.

Hire Purchase

Spread over a fixed, pre-agreed period, you can pay for the forklift in monthly instalments

Using the vehicle as security, you can pay the entire amount back over an agreed term up to 60 months at a fixed rate of interest. With the forklift remaining the property of Fork Trucks Ltd until the final instalment is made, monthly payments will eventually ensure full ownership then passes to you.

This also means that the upkeep, servicing and maintenance of the equipment during the period of the agreement is your responsibility. Find out more about our service and maintenance options.

Lease Purchase

Only pay monthly instalments based on the difference in a forklifts value at the start and end of a lease term. At the end of the term give the vehicle back, or buy it by paying a balloon payment.

Our Lease Purchase schemes allow the best of both worlds whilst also ensuring you have complete flexibility and control over your ideal forklift. Unlike Hire Purchase, you will not pay off the full cost of the forklift, instead monthly instalments will work towards the full cost with a ballon payment required to take full ownership. It works by paying a deposit (1 month plus full VAT) and then the amount you’ll have to borrow is based on how much Fork Trucks Ltd predicts the truck will lose in value over the term, minus the deposit you’ve put down. You’ll then pay this amount back over the term at a fixed rate of interest.

This also means that the upkeep, servicing and maintenance of the equipment during the period of the agreement is your responsibility. Find out more about our service and maintenance options.

Contract Hire

What a solution that includes all forklift maintenance, servicing and repairs? The Contract Hire over a fixed term with monthly rental is for you.

Using a fixed terms agreement for hiring a new or used forklift is often thought of as the most cost effective finance solution. Proving hassle-free, Contract Hire is simply hiring the forklift from Fork Trucks Ltd over a fixed term, usually 3-5 years.  Your company will then pay a fixed monthly rental rate which includes all of your maintenance, service and repair.

At the end of the term you can either give the vehicle back, or take out a new contract hire agreement for the same or upgrade to another forklift.